Royal Waterloo Golf Club has a permanent team of four 4 Teaching Pros :


Christian Ditlefsen +32.(0).477.38.03.53
Quentin Dabson +32.(0).478.74.15.19
Arnaud Langenaeken +32.(0) 475.34.51.58
Fabrice Masson +32.(0) 475.25.76.08

Working in conjunction with the Youth Committee, our team of pros organises the following:


Group and individual lessons

Group lessons are held all year round for children, with six levels being offered, depending on their ability.
To help them perfect their game, Royal Waterloo Golf Club invites young players to take one-on-one lessons at very advantageous rates.

Competitions and training camps for youngsters

Specially designed for youngsters aged 6 to 18, this programme offers them the opportunity to take part in get-togethers with young players from other clubs.
Camps comprising courses and fun activities are held at Easter, the beginning of July, the end of August and, if possible, on All Saints Day.

All in all, they provide an excellent opportunity for juniors to obtain a certificate,
brush up their game and forge friendships that will last throughout their golfing lives.

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