Le Royal Waterloo is an inviting family club that offers a warm welcome to all golfers who are looking to enjoy their leisure time, all committed to the values and the spirit of the game of golf.

To ensure optimal enjoyment, you are kindly requested to respect the following rules:

Mobile phones, smoking and pets
- The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the clubhouse or on the courses.
- The clubhouse is a non-smoking area.
- Players who smoke are asked not to leave cigarettes and butts on the courses.
- Pets are allowed only in the car park, not in the clubhouse.

Access to the courses
- All visiting players must present themselves first of all at the secretary’s office (accompanied by the member inviting them), where they are required to show their federation card and pay their green fee.
- They will then be given their tee-off time or have it confirmed. Visitors will also be given a green fee tag, which they must attach to their bag in such a way that it is visible.
- Only players with a handicap of 28 or less can play La Marache. Players with a higher handicap (up to 36) can play Le Lion and Le Bois-Héros.

The Rules of Golf
The Rules of Golf, as drawn up by the R&A, apply at Le Royal Waterloo Golf Club. They are complemented by the club’s own local rules.

On the course players are required to:
- Respect other players, green keeping staff and caddie masters.
- Repair their pitch marks on the greens.
- Replace divots.
- Rake the bunkers.
- Avoid slow play.

Any infringement of these rules may lead to players being asked to leave the course.

Dress Code

General rules
- Proper dress is required both on the grounds and in the Clubhouse encloser.
- Only golf shoes equipped with "soft spikes" are allowed.
- Trousers must be worn with belt at the waist.
- Caps must be worn visor in front
- During prize-giving, winners (including random draws) are asked, regardless of their age, to dress in smart casual outfit (personal jacket for men over 18) and, in general, a correct outfit (closed shoes, no jeans or bermudas) is requested from the attendees.

Are not authorized :
- Outfits with camouflage patterns
- Faded garments, frayed or torn

Special rules for ladies
Are allowed :
- Pants, capri pants, bermudas, skirts, dresses, skirts with integrated shorts or skirts but with 2/3 thigh coverage for ladies over 18 and 1/3 thigh coverage for the under 18 years.
Are not allowed in the course :
- Leggings (tights, underpants).
- Bustiers and bib tops
- Polos and shirts without a collar.

Special rules for gentlemen
Are not authorized:
- All shoes not closed
- Sports sweatsuits ("trainings")
- Polos and shirts without collar
- "baggy" or "three quarter" pants and shorts (prefer Bermuda shorts).
- Visual straps.
- Wearing a hat or cap inside the clubhouse.

Shirts or polos must be tucked into the pants.