How to become a member at Royal Waterloo Golf Club :

If you wish to join the Club, you are required to have your application proposed by two full members (members for five years or more). They will explain the application procedure to you in detail and will express their support for it in a letter addressed to the Club President. 

Once you have completed the application form and your two proposers have countersigned it, you should forward it with their supporting letters to the Club Secretary. You can support your application by adding the contact details of three additional referees (external to the Club) to your form.

After your application papers have been accepted, you will be invited to meet a committee made up of members of the Club’s board. The Club’s members will then be notified of your application via the Club notice board for a period of 15 days with a view to it being tacitly accepted.
Your application will then be put before the board and you will subsequently informed of its decision.

Should your application be accepted, and once you have paid your subscription and admission fee, you will become an associate member on the agreed date and enjoy access to all Royal Waterloo Golf Club’s facilities and services.
Your proposers will assist you in settling in.

Additional information :

Time frame: it can take up to two months for the board to reach a decision once an application has been made, depending on the time of year it is presented to the Club.
Restrictions: applications are approved subject to availability, depending on the membership quota approved at the Club’s annual general meeting.

Entry fees and annual fees availables for 2018 (FULL TIME PLAYERS)

CategoryAgeAnnual fee
Entry fee
Child 6 to 11 350 -
Youngster 12 to 18 450 -
Student 19 to 24 650 1.000
Young Player 25 to 29 950 2.000
Player 30 to 34 1.450 3.900
Player 35 to 39 1.992 5.900
Player 40 and + 2.232 8.000
Temporary Foreigner
- 4.860 -

For other rates, please contact the secretary's office.

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